First Month Blogging Report – February 2019

If you’ve recently gotten into blogging, I’m sure you’ve seen or searched for “blogging income reports.” There are TONS that you can find on Pinterest, some of which are insane and seem totally unreachable. Mine is not one of those! πŸ˜‚ I did manage to make a small amount of money, and would have been happy with anything for my first month!

I started this blog on January 19, 2019, so I’m using the month of February as my first full month of blogging!

Keep reading for more on what I made, what I spent, social media progress, etc.

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Total Expenses: $213.43


This month, I only had one source of income, though I’m working to make others profitable as well!

I was super pumped about this $50 because it was easy money and my first real profit from the blog! Although given my expenses, I technically didn’t make any money, I’m still counting this towards money made in my first month! Woohoo!

February Goals

  1. 1000 Page Views: Pass! I had 1,073 page views in February (87% of my traffic came from Pinterest!)
  2. 300 Instagram Followers: Pass! I had 306 followers at the end of February
  3. 1000 Pinterest Followers: Fail! BUT I’m happier with what did happen on Pinterest. I went from 136 engaged/2,799 monthly viewers to 15,901 engaged/344,056 monthly viewers!
  4. Post to Instagram Every Day: Pass! This was a struggle, but I did it!
  5. Blog 2x Week: Fail! But I was soooo close! I think once a week is more realistic right now while I try to come up with blog topics and get the hang of things!

Blog Posts

Things I Signed Up For

Siteground: I use wordpress for my blog and siteground as the host. You can find lots of blog posts on Pinterest walking you through how to do this!

  • Tailwind: I did the free trial and decided I should move forward with the paid plan. I’m glad I did, because as I mentioned above, 87% off my traffic came from Pinterest! Tailwind is great and makes it so you aren’t stuck at your computer pinning all day, but still seeing traffic to your blog from the pins you’ve scheduled! If you need help understanding how to pin on Tailwind, check out this blog post. It helped me tremendously in the beginning!
  • Mailerlite – set up my welcome email and a pop up to try and get subscribers. No luck yet haha!
  • Amazon Associate – link to products and receive a % of the sale
  • Shareasale – link to products and receive a % of the sale (how I made my first $$ through the blog!)
  • Awin – link to products and receive a % of the sale
  • Google Adsense
  • Later.com – for IG posts
  • Massive Sway – sponsored posts. Most of these have pretty high requirements, which I haven’t reached yet, so I’m waiting for one that I qualify for. Seems like a good opportunity though!

While this isn’t an, “I made $1,000 in my first month of blogging!” post, it is a realistic post of what I was able to do in my first month of blogging as a total beginner. I had a blog before, but I never tried to monetize it, which is another challenge in itself!


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