First Trimester Recap – Looking Back on the Early Days of Pregnancy

I’m a little behind here and have to think back to the first trimester, which now seems so long ago! Funny how at one point, I thought it was an eternity until the second trimester.

If you’re just catching up, you can read all about how we found out we’re expecting, about my first appointments and finding out if baby is a boy or girl!

Early in the First Trimester

If you’ve been reading along, you may have noticed that I found out I was pregnant SUPERRRR early, like 3.5 weeks. I didn’t even think that was possible! Although my period was late and tests the week before came back negative, looking back I feel like there were definitely some signs I should have noticed.

Now, I’m not saying any of this is related to being pregnant, but the week before I found out, I was having lots of headaches and couldn’t sleep at all. I never get headaches and generally fall right asleep and sleep like a baby. I was taking Advil and Benadryl (and I hate taking medicine!) like candy to help me sleep. Thankfully, that early on it shouldn’t have any effect on baby! So whether that was related to pregnancy or not, who knows, but it was definitely out of the norm for me!

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Saying goodbye to alcohol and “no” foods

First things first, I needed to cut out alcohol and the no-no foods I’d heard about from other people that had been pregnant. Funny thing though, when I found out I was pregnant, I was on day 27 of the Whole30 Diet (I’ll make another post about diet & exercise and talk more about this). I had already gone 27 days without alcohol…oh boy, what’s 9 more months!? 😂

During week 5 we traveled to Houston, TX with some friends, and I was just hoping I wouldn’t get hit with morning sickness while we were there! Thankfully, I didn’t. I had originally planned for that to be my “celebration” after doing Whole30, because let’s be honest, after 30 days of that you NEED a celebration! I celebrated by eating Chick-fil-a (ohhh how I miss you, no Chick-fil-a’s closer than 6 hours to us 😭) and Mexican cheese dip!

My birthday was a few days after we got back, and if you know me, you know my birthday is pretty much a holiday each year. Not even ashamed to say it, I love my birthday…a lot. It’s kind of become an unintentional tradition to have sushi and my favorite beer at THE BEST sushi restaurant in town. This year, I had to forego the beer and I think I got a California roll. Just not even in the same vicinity as raw sushi, not even close. But I did get to enjoy my favorite appetizer, calamari!

That was my first birthday in like 15 years (please don’t even do the math) that I didn’t consume alcoholic beverages. I’m probably starting to sound like an alcoholic here (I am, aren’t I!?), but I just like my beer and occasional wine too, ok? It’s definitely different when it’s not voluntary and you’re skipping the alcohol because there’s a baby growing inside of you, but I’d be lying if I said those first few weeks didn’t take a littttle getting used to!

Middle of the First Trimester

Of course I’ve heard lots of stories about pregnancy and being nauseous and getting sick in the first trimester, so I was just waiting for it to happen. Right around weeks 6-9, I started to feel not so great, so I was like, “Here we go!” I never got sick, but I felt hungover for about 3 weeks. I consumed more carbs in those 3 weeks than I care to admit and drank a lot of sprites and gatorades. Honestly, eating “hangover” food was the only thing that seemed to help. I was beating myself up about it, wanting to be healthier, but it just wasn’t happening!

When I had my second appointment around 9 weeks, my doctor asked how I was feeling so I told her just a little nauseous but nothing too bad, and she was like, “Just wait, it’s going to get much worse.” Ohh how fun, I thought. For the next couple of weeks, I was just waiting for it to kick in, but guess what!? It never did!

Cruising along and feeling great!

Now, if you’re pregnant or have been pregnant and you were really sick, I’m so sorry, and it’s ok to hate me right now. But ever since then I have honestly been feeling really good! The sick feeling went away, and I haven’t felt like that since. I can’t believe it, and I am seriously so thankful! I have some friends who get sick all throughout the day and it has even continued well into their second trimester. So, while I’m so glad I feel good, I do not take this for granted at all. My sister’s first pregnancy was really easy, and I remember thinking how lucky she was. Must run in the family? Haha!

I was pretty tired in the beginning and needed lots of naps, which I usually hate taking. Anyone else usually feel worse after taking naps? 🙋🏼‍♀️ It was hard for me to get motivated to do much, but towards the end of the first trimester I wasn’t as tired and got some of my energy back!

The only thing about feeling good and not getting sick in the beginning, is that it makes it really hard to fully comprehend the fact that you’re pregnant. Everything still felt “normal,” and I realized I had no idea how long it takes to really start looking pregnant, so it was just a weird place to be in. I remember thinking, “When is this going to set in and finally feel real?”

Spoiler: it still doesn’t feel real some days, but we’re getting there!

I think that brings us to the end of the first trimester. I probably skipped a lot of the boring details, but I am really thankful that baby is making it so easy on me. I’m not sure what that means for the newborn stage, but I’m enjoying each and every day I get to have with this little girl growing in my belly.

12 weeks pregnant first trimester
12 Week Bump Pic!

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