Baby Girl or Baby Boy? Finding Out What We’re Having!

After our second ultrasound, we decided to go ahead and do the elective genetic testing that the hospital offered. This would also tell us if baby was a boy or girl. I had no idea you could find out that early, I always thought it was around 15-20 weeks when you could find out, so I was excited about that! And actually, you can even find out as early as 9 weeks now…CRAZY! As much as I wish we could have waited to find out, I wanted to be able to decorate the nursery and not have to buy all gender neutral clothing. I felt like we would be better prepared by finding out beforehand, plus it’s just fun knowing what you’re having!

Getting the Phone Call

I did the blood work on November 30th, around 10.5 weeks and they told me to give it about 2 weeks to get the results. Ugh, more waiting! One thing I’ve realized throughout this whole journey is that it’s just one big waiting game! Of course, I googled around to see how long other people’s results took, and it was looking like at least 7 business days.

So we waited, impatiently, and on December 11th the nurse called to let me know everything looked great with the blood work and that she had the envelope for us saying boy or girl. EEEEK!!!!! Josh came home for lunch and we immediately drove to the hospital to pick up the envelope!

Did We Have a Preference – Baby Boy or Baby Girl?

In the very beginning, I didn’t have any “feelings” as to whether it was a boy or a girl, but as the weeks went on I started to think it was a girl. I honestly would have been thrilled either way. [Boy – oldest and could lookout for any future daughters we might have + Josh would be thrilled to have a son. Girl – I get to have a built-in best friend that I can wear adorable matching outfits with. She will have Josh wrapped around her little finger in no time.] So, for me, either one would have been great, but I did have a strong feeling it was a girl! Josh, of course, was hoping for a boy but also thought it would be a girl! We go get the envelope, and it’s burning a hole in my hand as I took it back down to Josh’s truck.

Gender Reveal Envelope
Taking the elevator down…so excited!

We didn’t plan to throw an elaborate gender reveal party. I always thought I would, but once it came time, I wanted it just to be Josh and I finding out together. We sat in the parking lot of the hospital and opened the envelope together and found out we are having a….

So much excitement on one piece of paper!

Ahhh, so many emotions!! Another thing I’ve learned, lots of emotions during this whole pregnancy thing! 😂 I was absolutely thrilled! Already thinking about what she was going to look like, what kind of personality she would have, and ALLLLL the cute clothes I was going to be able to buy for her.

Baby Girl Announcement
Photo by Allyson Keller Photography

We can’t wait to meet you in June, sweet girl!! 🎀

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