10 Pregnancy Essentials You Need Right Now

I am certainly no expert, given I’m only 19 weeks pregnant with my first baby, but if you’re looking for some pregnancy essentials that you may need, these are my current personal favorites!

10 pregnancy essentials

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1. Lululemon Align Pant II

Now, I know these are expensive, and I used to be the person that said I would never pay that much for leggings. But let me tell you, these seriously feel like butter against your legs and almost like you have nothing on.

They. Are. Amazing!

I had a couple pairs before I got pregnant, but now they are all I wear, both for working out and every day leggings! I wear the 25″ for every day – I’m 5’5″ and these fit me like pants. The 28″ would be way too long for me. And I wear the 21″ crops for working out, just because I hate my legs being fully covered when I workout! 

I love the high waist because it sucks everything in (well, when you aren’t pregnant 😂) and doesn’t dig into your skin, showing a muffin top. 🙌🏻  The reason they are so great for pregnancy, is that the waist is suuuuper stretchy. I’m interested to see how long I can wear them, and you better believe I’ll be right back in them once baby arrives!

They are honestly the best leggings I’ve ever owned and none of the dupes have compared to them. 100% worth every penny I’ve paid for them. Some people say you should size up in them, but I’m wearing my regular size and they fit great!

Lastly, I’ve only noticed minor pilling on mine and I wear them A LOT. I wash them inside out and hang dry to be extra gentle on them! 

Lululemon align crops
Showing off my baby bump (at 18.5 weeks) in the Nocturnal Teal Crops!

2. Seamless Bralettes

I was also wearing these before I got pregnant because I’m all about comfort! I can’t even think about wearing a real bra right now, and things are starting to get really uncomfortable. Even my stretchy seamless bras are getting tight, so I was on the hunt for some new ones!

I found some really great ones at TJ Maxx, but I’m linking these from Amazon because they are really similar and have great reviews + several color options to choose from. They also have removable pads. I realized I needed to buy some with padding since I’m wearing them with my regular clothes too, and not just lounge wear. The one in my picture above is what I’ve been wearing, but it has no padding and is getting prettttty tight! 

If you’re like me, and you hate underwire, or really bras in general, then these will be perfect for you. Just slip it over you’re head and you’re ready to go!

3. Hydroflask

Ok, this is really just becoming an “everyday essential” list because this is another item I can’t live without when I’m not pregnant, but even more so now that I am. I would say any water bottle would work, but I’m pretty partial to the Hydroflask. I had never even heard about them until I moved to Montana. Everyone here has one, but I think they’re becoming more popular. They have the cutest colors to choose from too! I have a bright coral one and they have the pretty mint color (pictured above) and a hot pink one as well. I’ve been tempted to buy the hot pink one, but do I really need another water bottle!? Probably not…

I have the 40 oz size and literally never leave my house without it. It keeps my water cold throughout the day because it’s insulated. Also, you can buy the straw top to go with it, which makes it easier to drink out of. I usually get through at least 2 of these a day, sometimes more. I drink a lot of water in general but have been SO dang thirsty with this pregnancy – this water bottle is a life saver!

If you’re taking it in the car, it will roll around everywhere and be really annoying. Most cars don’t have cup holders that are big enough, so I got one of these adapters that works great! Hands down, favorite water bottle ever.

I’ve linked the 32 oz. but they have several sizes to choose from!

4. Comfortable Tennis Shoes

I recently got these New Balance shoes and absolutely love them! They are so light weight and have memory foam as the sole inserts. They are perfect for running errands, a day of travel or whatever you want to wear them for. I don’t dress up very often, so these are great to throw on with some leggings and a sweatshirt! Plus, if you’re on your feet for a while, especially pregnant, you’re going to want something comfortable. I recently went to a party and wore zip up boots, and I was standing for like 2 hours straight. About an hour in I was wishing I had these on instead! 🤣

5. Comfortable Slip on Boots

This probably only applies if you live somewhere cold like I do! For the past 3 years, I’ve been wearing these boots because I was too cheap to invest in the UGGs. They are so similar to the UGGs but almost 1/3 of the price!

Finally, this year, I got these UGGs for Christmas, and I have to say they are so much more comfortable than the Bear Paw brand. They are really spendy, but if you’re looking for some really comfy and warm (like, really warm!) boots, these are worth the splurge! I like these over my Sorel’s when it isn’t snowing because they are so easy to slip on and off.

If you don’t want to spend that much, which I totally get, the Bear Paw ones held up pretty well for me for 3 years! Winter has officially hit in Montana, so I’m wearing these a lot more often than my tennis shoes lately!

6. Soft Hoodie

This is another Lululemon piece. I promise I’m not a Lulu snob, but some of their stuff is so soft, it’s hard not to recommend it. We recently got a store where I live, which is dangerous, but I love being able to try things on to see how they fit. I had some store credit from Christmas and bought this and love it! It’s so soft, long enough to cover my booty and great for layering so I can wear it when it warms back up again (which is like a million months away).

I’m not a fashionista, so I’m always looking for comfy pieces that I can layer and throw on with leggings. This one fits the bill and helps me not to look too frumpy. We’ll see how long I can wear it until it no longer fits over the bump, hopefully a few more months!

7. Prenatal Vitamin

Ok, this one’s kind of obvious, but hopefully you’re taking a prenatal vitamin if you’re pregnant! I had been taking this one for almost a year before I got pregnant. When I mentioned thinking about getting pregnant, my doctor said to go ahead and start taking it, and so I did! She recommended this brand, and while I really can’t speak to the effectiveness of it, I also don’t have any complaints about it. 

I know a lot of people can’t stomach their prenatal vitamins, but I haven’t had any issues with this one. I also haven’t been sick during this pregnancy either, so that might be why. The pills are not fishy like some of the reviews lead you to believe, and I find them pretty easy to take.

8. Earth Mama Belly Butter

Another one that I can’t really say if it works well or not, but I’ll report back in about 5-6 months. My sweet friend sent me this in a little “You’re pregnant!” package, and I started using it a couple weeks ago. I don’t actually know if you can prevent stretch marks, but I figured I already had the lotion, so I might as well try. I’m probably doomed because I already have stretch marks from gaining and losing weight here and there.

It won’t be the end of the world if I do get them (hello, I AM growing a human!), but I’m going to test this stuff out and see how it works! I LOVE the smell of it – it smells like fruity pebbles to me! And I don’t think it’s greasy, which doesn’t really matter anyway because I just put it on before bed. I rub it all over my stomach and hips and of course the growing boobies too! I’m curious to see what happens and if it helps or not!

I’ve also heard great things about this one and may try it once I run out. 

9. Healthy Snack

This one is kind of off topic, and to be honest, I was scrounging for one more essential. 😂 BUT, that doesn’t mean it isn’t important! Starting a few weeks ago, I’ve been starving around 10:30 every morning, and there’s no way I can make it until lunch.

I rarely ate yogurt before I got pregnant, but now it’s my favorite snack. I usually buy Siggi’s Strawberry, but when they don’t have that, I’ll buy Chobani Greek Yogurt. I love Siggi’s because it isn’t too sweet and is low in sugar but high in protein! I mix in some granola and sometimes some fresh fruit, and I have the perfect snack to keep me full until lunch. I also love that it’s healthier than the blueberry muffin I would prefer to have!

10. Heart Rate Monitor

This one only applies if you work out, and I highly recommend it if you do! Our gym started using these over the summer, and I’m so glad I have it during pregnancy. It’s probably not 100% accurate, but I think it has to be more accurate than the watches.

Since our gym uses it, they have a TV that displays everyone’s stats during the workout. My favorite part is that it tracks your heart rate the whole time you’re working out. Since I shouldn’t be getting into the anaerobic zone for long periods of time, I can monitor my heart rate and know when to take it down a notch if it’s getting too high.

I think you can buy these as an individual now instead of having to go through a gym. I love mine, and it takes the guesswork out of whether I’m pushing it too hard or not while pregnant.

That wraps up my list of pregnancy essentials! While some of these may be unique to me, I hope you’ll find some of them beneficial if you’re pregnant as well!

10 pregnancy essentials

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