10 Classy Pregnancy Announcement Photo Ideas

You just found out your pregnant. Now what!? If it’s your first baby, there are probably a million things going through your mind, and if you’re like me, one of them is, “What’s a cute way to announce it to everyone?” I had seen LOTS of announcement photos on my Facebook and Instagram feeds over the years, and I knew that I wanted ours to be unique. If you’re struggling to think of ideas, I’ve got 10 pregnancy announcement photo ideas for you today!

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1. Sonogram + Florals + Baby Accessories

Pregnancy Announcement
Something about this photo just gives me heart eyes 😍 The combination of florals, accessories and colors creates a simple, yet elegant photo for your pregnancy announcement. 

2. Holding Your Sonogram

Another simple option that allows you to be in the photo if you prefer. We got a printout like this at our 7 week appointment!

3. Onesie + Sonogram + Accessories 

I love this onesie, and it doubles as an outfit once baby is born! Just add your photos, accessories and greenery/florals for the perfect announcement. You can buy a onesie like this on Etsy or have one custom made on Custom Ink.

4. Wooden “Oh Baby” Sign + Floral Props

How adorable is this family? A great option for sibling announcements or first-time pregnancies as well! You can find the wooden cutout on Etsy and Wayfair!

5. Calendar + Sonogram + Florals

The calendar grabs my attention here, and it’s a great way to announce baby’s due date as well! You can purchase this pre-made photo here by uploading your own sonogram or you can order a calendar printout and customize with your own accessories and colors!

6. Pretty Balloons

Love the balloons and the colors! I wanted to use them in our announcement, but it was SO cold that day, and we didn’t want to be outside any longer than necessary. There are lots of balloon and color options you can buy: Target, Amazon, Etsy

7. Big Sis or Big Bro

That backdrop ❤️ If you have access to something like this, you really can’t go wrong. Accessorize with your style and create a beautiful announcement photo. There are so many options here! You can find these balloons on Amazon and Etsy!

8. Bike + Tricycle

Just the cutest way to announce you’ve got a baby on the way! One of my besties did a photo like this, and it was perfect.

9. Your Adorable Pups

I totally would have incorporated our dogs into ours if hubby would have allowed it 😂 If your love for your furry children runs as deep as mine, this is a really cute way to include them in your announcement! These signs would be super easy to make with a small chalkboard or printout.

10. Winter Setting with Skis

Photo By: Allyson Keller Photography
Of course I had to include our own photos! We wanted to do something unique and it worked out that we were able to take these when there was snow on the ground. I tried to think of a hobby or something we enjoyed doing together and decided on the skis. I love how they turned out! You can find little skis here or check FB Marketplace/Thrift stores!

And that’s a wrap! I hope this gave you some ideas if you’re having trouble deciding on announcement photos! And Congratulations, Mama, if you’re getting ready to take some photos!

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