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We’re having a baby!

As everyone already knows, we are expecting our first baby girl in June 2019! We are over the moon excited and soaking in every second of this amazing journey. 

Announcement photos when I was just over 8 weeks pregnant.

As everyone also knows, Josh and I waited quiiiiite a while before we decided to try for kids. If you had told me when I got married at 24 that I would be 31 when I have my first child, I would have said you were nuts! I mean, I didn’t even think I’d be really young, maybe like 27 or so, but life had other plans, and I’m thankful things worked out how they have! I can’t imagine if we had a kid in New York or right when we moved to Montana. Yikes! Everyone kept telling us just to go for it, that things will never be perfect, there will never be a right time and that we’ll never really be ready. While I FULLY agree with those statements, and I know we would have made it work had that happened, I do know that we are in a much better place in our lives to raise a child than we were a few years ago. Neither of us wanted that added stress when it was already abundant! Starting a nonprofit with NO money is hard work, y’all, and boy have we learned that over the last 3 years! So, while we have no clue what we’re doing, and I know raising a child is not easy, the timing for us is great, and I thank God every day for blessing us with this sweet baby girl.

Now, onto how we found out and told our families!

The day we found out (October 15th), started like any other day. Aside from the fact that my period was a week late, which never happens, and the tests I had already taken were negative…it was a normal Monday morning. Josh wakes up about an hour before me each morning, so he was already downstairs. I decided to take another test, because why not, and everything I read said to wait a full week after your missed period. I really wasn’t expecting to be pregnant for a few reasons. Well, to my TOTAL shock, the most faint line popped up, but I had always read “a line is a line, no matter how faint.” What!? OH MY GOSH!!!

*pause to say, I had ordered some cute things – a onesie, a card and a mama bear t-shirt – for when this time came, and I could wrap it up and surprise Josh*

That is NOT how it happened. Josh jokes that I usually come down the stairs pretty slowly, still waking up, kind of sloth-like. It’s true. Stairs and I are not friends, and I have the knees of an 80-year-old (remember, half marathon that I regret every day?), so that’s fun. So, on this particular morning, I practically flung myself down the stairs! I’m surprised I didn’t come tumbling down with my clumsiness. Josh is wondering what the heck is going on, so I just wave the stick in the air, probably do a little dance, and scream, “I think I’m pregnant!” There was no way I was waiting for him to go to work and wrapping up a cute little box to tell him I was pregnant. I would have died having to keep it to myself for that long, so this is how he found out. It was more realistic anyway! The rest of the day, we were obviously on cloud nine. I went to the gym and went about my day as normally as I could, but it’s such a strange feeling knowing something like that, and not being able to tell anyone! I think I just texted Josh all day about how I couldn’t stop smiling and wanted to tell people but I couldn’t. At this point, I was only about 5 weeks pregnant, or so I thought…more on that later.

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Looking back, there was a verrrrry faint line on the 2nd test, but I didn’t see that until I realized I was actually pregnant. Test 3 was the day I found out and tests 4 and 5 were taken the next day (I think). I also took 2 first response tests, because you gotta be sure!

You can buy these tests on Amazon. They will save you some money if you’re trying to get pregnant and get a little test happy! They worked great for me!

I couldn’t wait to tell my family! I face timed my sister the next day to tell her. I wrote a sign for my nephew, Corbett, to read that said, “Mommy’s going to be an aunt.” It was pretty cute, and she started crying (sorry, sis, had to out you), which obviously made me tear up too! Her kids weren’t really sure what to think, but they were excited too! I’m so happy I finally get to make my sister an aunt ❤️ I sure have loved my role as an aunt to her two kiddos!

Then I face timed my mom and had on my mama bear t-shirt that I bought. I told her I bought this cute shirt and wanted to show it to her, so I did…and she was like, “Awe, I love the plaid. Mama bear, that’s really cute.” Haha! I said, “Mom, why do you think it says mama bear?” or something along those lines, and she said “Wait, what? Oh my gosh. Are you pregnant?” Yes, yes I am 😂 It was pretty priceless. I think she was just convinced that I was going to be a dog mom forever (I did ask for a shirt that said that, fairly recently), and I caught her off guard!

I called my dad, who was the least surprised out of everyone, and my brother, who I tried to face time but ended up having to text! Everyone was really excited and it made for a pretty great 2 days of finding out and getting to tell my family.

That weekend we met Josh’s parents, his sister (Ally) and our niece and nephews for dinner. We were planning to tell them before dinner, but that didn’t work out, so we had to make it through the whole dinner without telling them. I am not good at keeping secrets, so that was tough, and I was still just really excited about it. We got back to the house after dinner and had a plan for telling them, so Josh came up with this whole story about how he was going to take some time off from Big Sky Bravery next summer, but that it was good timing, etc. The story kind of dragged on, and by the end of it, he had somehow convinced his family that he was dying (it was funny after the fact, but somehow his story took a turn that made it sound like something bad was happening 😂). I could see the horror on their faces, and I’m trying to get him to wrap it up! He finally gets to the reason why he was going to be taking time off and pulled out the onesie I had made (it had the Big Sky Bravery logo on it). Their reactions were priceless, and it was so fun to share our news with them. When I say we waited a while for kids, I wasn’t kidding, because I think we somehow led his mom to believe we were never having kids which was pretty funny! Then we face timed his other sister, Mandy, and Ally’s husband to tell them – everyone was so excited and maybe in a little bit of shock!

And that’s where our pregnancy journey begins!

The cutest little baby shoes!
Photo by Allyson Keller Photography

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