Introduction to Kristi, Author of the Blog

Hi everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, I wanted to give you a quick introduction post.

I’m Kristi, creator of this blog. I’m 31 years old and currently live in beautiful Montana with my husband and two dogs, Maddie (Chihuahua, 11) and Phil (Weimaraner, 2). We are expecting our first (human) child in June 2019, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!


I was born and raised in Phenix City, Alabama. My whole family still lives there and thankfully I get to see them often! I graduated high school in 2005 when I was 17. I’m not a genius, this was just before they were really strict about age cutoffs, and I was a nerd who was begging to start school early!

After high school, I moved a whopping 30 minutes away to go to college at Auburn University (WAR EAGLE!), where most of my friends were going as well. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in 2008 when I was 21. Ten years later, and I still haven’t put that degree to use, but at least I can say I made it through college! 

Fast forward a few years, still living in Auburn, I met my future husband (Josh) in May 2011, when I was 23. We were engaged by August (yes, 3 months later) and got married the next April in Auburn. People thought we were crazy, but here we are, about to celebrate our 7th Anniversary and welcome a baby girl into the world in June!

In an even crazier turn of events, just 6 months after we got married, we packed our things and spontaneously moved to New York City! I had always wanted to live in a big city, and somehow I convinced Josh to go with me, and I’m so glad I did! We lived in a 400 square foot apartment for the first year then “upgraded” to 600 square feet for the last 2 years. We were there for 3 years, made some amazing memories, learned a lot, grew up a lot, but realized there was no way we were going to stay there and try to raise kids in that chaos!

In October 2015, almost 3 years to the day, we moved across the country to Montana, where we are now, to start a nonprofit for active duty soldiers. Josh grew up in a small town near where we live, so this move wasn’t completely random! Three more years and a lot of hard work in between, Josh now runs the nonprofit as his full-time job. He, along with his volunteers, have changed so many lives, and I couldn’t be more proud! You can learn more about his nonprofit, Big Sky Bravery, here.

I guess that brings us to today, January 2019! Safe to say we didn’t take the easy route after marriage. In our (almost) 8 years together, there have been lots of ups, lots of downs, and everything in between. Looking back, all of our experiences and tough times led us right to where we are now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

And there you have it, my adult life in a nutshell! More content to come, so I hope you keep coming back to read more!

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